Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Little Tony

Tony, my spunky 16-year old brother, is a hopeless romantic who packs a lot of personality in a twiggy little frame.  At any given moment, he can be found with a bottle of orange soda in hand, or singing in his boy band voice, which, interestingly enough, dips several octaves when guests are around.  He also has a strong distaste for Amy’s old lady music, and any situation that threatens boredom.  And though he is not immune to the dramatic outbursts typical of those in his age group, he has a gentle affinity for cute, furry little animals (especially bunnies).  Oh, and his favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.  (Though I probably shouldn’t publically annouce that.)
Real Conversations with the One and Only:
Conversation at Staples shopping for school supplies:
: You know you want this notebook (points to one with a golden lab puppy on it)
Tony: No!!!  I’d want the one with Ariel on it, she’s hot! (grins) 
From Amy’s Facebook status:
Amy is upset with the ending of Dear John
- Tony’s comment: noob lemme borrow
- Amy: Jane’s jealous, she wants in on our Nicholas Sparks partay
- Tony: huh? my friend wanted to borrow it not me
- Amy: …I even hand delivered it to his room earlier and he seemed to excited
- Tony: no, I called you a noob and roared at you til you left
- Amy: so roaring = accepting book with a cheesy smile
- Tony: you didn’t have your glasses on
- Amy: I’m taking it back!
- Tony: I hid it

More IMs:
Jane: eww don’t put the image of a shirtless tony in my head
Tony: you know te gusta

On applying for summer jobs:
Tony: they better hire me D:
  I’d be a good bagger
  and orange stocker
  and apple shiner
  and cart pusher
  and elderly helper
  and free sample loader
This is the third of a 10-part series of the condensed Tumblr Challege, which involves 10 consecutive entries on different individuals.  Normal entries will resume soon.

(Originally posted July 21, 2010)

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