Saturday, December 31, 2011

Never send Valentines to your teacher

  • Me: what are you doing for valentine's day? does your high school do anything? like carnations?
  • Tony: yeah we have "french kisses" lollipops or w/e
  • Me: ?
  • Tony: idk o.o
  • Me: what do they look like?
  • Tony: no idea. I no buy. I was about to buy one for ms. pacifico [Jane's note: He has the hots for Pacifico]
  • Me: OMG NO
  • Tony: ya I know. for math we made calculus valentines. I was about to write one for ms. pacifico but she has a hubby. and my friend leo was about to write one to ms. kolnik, but same problem! D;
  • Tony: we facepalmed. leo: "your husband's absolute value is zero"

(Originally posted Feb. 13, 2011)

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