Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amateur review

My debut as an amateur reviewer: (Originally posted on an online review forum)
This sunscreeen made me break out into a pizza face* like no other product has before. I don’t have sensitive skin by any means and hardly ever get pimples, but I saw large, prominent, red pimples on my forehead within days of using this (I have combination skin). I have, however, used the SPF 55 version for years with no problems. Sure, the SPF 100 version gives great sun protection for the price, but nothing is worth the resulting ogre zits.
Skip this and opt for the SPF 55.
Sanitary packaging
Pizza face breakouts
Large, prominent red pimples where you’ve never seen them before

Pimple-free. Sunrise atop Humpback Rock, November 2009.

*Thank you, Hallie C., for coming up with the phrase, “pizza face."
(Originally posted July 31, 2011)

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