Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cappellino's Crazy Cupcakes

The former charm of this cupcakery have come and gone with the waning cupcake trend in Charlottesville. What was once a humbly attractive establishment with bubbly staff is now marked by subpar (or even stale) offerings and pronounced curtly service. And whether this bakery will see another year in business is doubtful. I recently purchased a stale chocolate chip pecan cookie and a dry-as-dirt red velvet cupcake that tasted of artificial licorice. I came by this bakery early Saturday afternoon with a friend who ordered first and felt utterly ignored by the four employees in the otherwise empty bakery. I waited patiently for my time to order and was annoyed by the lack of common courtesy. The middle-aged woman who eventually realized I, too, was looking to buy something seemed annoyed when I made my selections — even though I’d ordered quickly.
The bakery’s strengths still lay in the charming decorations that mask inferior flavor and texture. Sure, the cupcake frosting is still as fluffy and smooth as ever, but the cupcake itself is arid. And the stale cookies, though physically attractive, obviously have been left uneaten in the bakery display for much too long.

What ever is happening, this cupcake shop does not deserve my business. After all, why, when there are plenty of other places with superior offerings, would I pay money for such insolence?

(Not from Cappellino’s Crazy Cupcakes) A carrot cupcake from the much-superior Crumbs in Washington, D.C.

(Originally posted Oct. 19, 2011)

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