Saturday, December 31, 2011


1. Ombre anything looks ridiculous
. Really hope I don’t run into any former professors at the AFC this summer. Nothing like the sight of a professor a) in spandex, and b) sweating it out on the elliptical (evidently the machine of choice for most professors I’ve spotted).
3. Would rather not hear about Rep. Anthony Wiener’s antics or see anymore leaked photographs on The Colbert Report — no matter how fit he is.
4. Am very peeved that I spent hours rearranging and tidying my room upon my arrival in Charlottesville, only to realize that my beloved moleskin notebook is nowhere to be found.
5. My sister is right: I really do have baby hands.
6. Truth: There’s an “ugly carrot” in every bag of baby carrots (Bridesmaids movie reference ;-))
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(Originally posted June 19, 2011)

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