Monday, March 14, 2016

Hindsight is 20/20

My friend's Pomeranian, Rory, during Halloween on the Lawn 2011 
Sometimes I cringe at the college version of myself. Ideally, as we collect life experiences, we ought to strive to be come better people, friends, employees/workers, and partners. Sometimes, for example, past transgressions are brought into sharper focus when someone wrongs you in a similar manner (karma!). We learn to be better friends by having and then identifying deadweight judgmental acquaintances; better team members and future leaders from poor examples of management; and better partners from the shortcomings of former flames. Or I simply needed more life to live, days to learn from, and self-awareness to gain.

I could’ve …:

Been a more inclusive conversationalist when socializing with the significant others of close friends

Been a better student leader who used meeting times more economically, and was more inclusive and trusting of team members’ abilities to execute plans

Dropped the meal plan sooner

Been a more consistent pen pal

Identified and dropped the deadweight, judgmental acquaintances sooner

Been a more empathetic friend

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