Saturday, December 31, 2011

They call her Amzy

My older sister, Amy, has no sense of anyone’s comfort bubble, or rather is aware, but wholly disregards it (and in fact takes pleasure in making every and all situations awkward).  Her hobbies include tending her thriving Facebook Zoo, catching up on pop culture, and being a part-time vegetarian.  Moreover, we share a common obsession with shows likeSay Yes to the Dress, and entertain one another by doing eerily accurate immitations of our parents.
Amy’s Most Overused Phrases:
1. “Sup? Sup??”
2. “Ah! A nub!”
3. “Where’s my nub spray?”

A Glimpse in our Facebook Wall-to-Wall: 
Amy > Jane: Tony kept punching me in the arm yesterday claiming that muscles don’t have feelings. Mine does. Now I’m sick. 
Amy > Jane: You tagged me as Tony’s pokemon lizard???
- Jane’s Comment: It was your doppelganger 
Amy > Jane: You are my ☼shine
Jane > Amy: NO MORE FB ZOO
- Amy’s comment: Jealous?? I have 3 islands now, THREE!! 
Jane > Amy: Tony: “She almost made me kiss her yesterday but i blocked her face with my cube.”

Amy > Jane: I woke up coughing today so Papa went out and bought me some cough syrup. Papa tells me to go take my cough medicine and you can hear LS (Little Snoob) running to the kitchen from his room going “waaaait! I want to watch!” Why is it that we all gather around to watch the other potato take their medicine/use their inhaler? 
Amy > Jane: I just saw some guy whip out a bottle of purell and rubbed his hands together at the library - naturally I thought of you. 
Jane > Amy: Stop. Taking. Quizzes.
Amy > Jane: face
This is the second of a 10-part series of the condensed Tumblr Challege, which involves 10 consecutive entries on different individuals.  Normal entries will resume shortly.

(Originally posted July 20, 2010)

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