Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tale of a lost Sharpie

Points have been deducted from my grade — and that of everyone in my biology lab group — for a missing sharpie at our table. Really. The class received the following email from our TA last week:
A sharpie marker was taken from one of the lab tables during our lab.  While this may seem like a minor infraction, remember that with 700 students, small things add up fast.  You are all bound by the honor code, and I expect the marker to be returned.
First, we didn’t pocket the pen. The marker has been within inches of E. coli and other nasties, so I can’t imagine said object would be desirable to anyone. Second, I’m pretty sure this would be considered a “trival” honor violation (imagine the news headline: “Four students expelled for lost $1.39 fine-tip marker”), but whatever. Points are points! We offered to replace the marker to regain lost points and redeem our dignity; I even bought a new one on my way home from lab today. Then the TA sent out another email this evening:
I am not happy to tell you that another sharpie was missing after our lab today.  This behavior is completely disrespectful to your class. If it is not returned, there will penalties.
Well, at least it wasn’t our table this time! (Our lost sharpie still hasn’t surfaced, so there was no marker to be stolen!)
I should buy a 10-pack just in case.
“Do we get bonus points if we bring extra?” — Yuriy S.’s inquiry to the TA

(Originally posted Feb. 14, 2011)

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