Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is this sweater ugly?

Choked with anxiety just a day before I was set to go to dinner with an old guy friend, I emailed my bestie, Hallie, to ask whether she thought my black and grey horse-print sweater was ugly. And I politely requested her boyfriend and/or brother's opinion to get a male perspective. Suffice it to say she read through my inquiries because she knows me too well.

The email exchange:
-----  SUBJECT: Is this sweater ugly? ----

Jane: I wore this grey horse-print sweater from Forever 21 to the Christmas exchange with you and Andrea and I wanted your opinion. Brendan's or Jon's wouldn't hurt either.

Here is the picture:

Jane: Btw I'm asking because I think I'll be wearing that when I grab dinner with [guy friend] tomorrow. Wish me luck ...
Hallie: Oh trust me, I knew exactly why you were asking. You need to worry less about impressing boys with your clothes! Just be yourself!
From Brendan. I doubled checked to see if he was joking and he said he wasn't, and apologize if he was being too mean. [Jane's note: This made me laugh to no end]

Brendan: It's a strange sweater, too much going on I think. If she's trying to make an impression I would tone it down, the only thing they'll remember is that her sweater had more horses than their automobile. Ugly is a strong word, but I'm pretty sure the sweater isn't meant to be traditionally flattering. Maybe if she wore a coat over it...

I should write for a fashion show/magazine.

Hallie: I can't tell if you are being funny or not
Brendan: I'm serious. Hope that doesn't sound mean, I'm just having a hard time picturing anyone in it.
Hallie: hahaha ok it's what she wants. the girl is WAY too focused on dressing for boys. Bad girl, she needs to be herself.  
Brendan:  I concur. She just needs to be herself and wait for the guy who likes that to ask her out for coffee 

And we mean it missy!

Thanks for the pep talk :)

(In case you were wondering, I opted for a solid-colored sweater instead :] ).

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  1. Juuust my two cents...the sweater isn't ugly, but I agree that it should be toned down with a jacket. Like a little blazer or something? Or a scarf, perhaps. Like this (I'm not a fan of the color combination, but that's the idea).