Monday, January 2, 2012

Fuzzy fads

My dad trotted into my perpetually chilly basement bunker last week to find me cocooned in my cartoon monkey-print Snuggie while I watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I turned my head, awkwardly smiling (it was much too late to toss the Snuggie out of sight), nearly crimson-faced with embarrassment. He said: "You bought a Snuggie? Can I try it on? OooooOoooOo one size fits all, huh?" Hm.

This reveals two things about me: I have a closeted proclivity for Bravo reality shows and an appreciation for quirky, cuddly fads.

Before you give me the stink eye, I think Snuggies are really practical. Although not particularly thick, mine (actually, I gifted the Snuggie to my older sister, but she doesn't appreciate it as much as I do) keeps me warm and there's even a lazy lion pocket up front to keep your snacks in! The only tricky part is folding the blanket (although I am admittedly rubbish at folding awkwardly shaped objects, such as elastic-bottom bed sheets, button-up dress shirts, etc.) so it doesn't sit in an untidy heap in the living room.

And then there are pillow pets. At some point, my older sister Amy had acquired six pillow pets during the holiday season to gift to our younger cousins (see a photo of her pillow pet totem pole here), and my 18-year-old brother Tony conned her into giving him the coveted ladybug pillow pet for Christmas. Amy, if you're reading this, I really want the moose ;D.

But adult onsies (also known as the 'Forever Lazy') equipped with a rear zippered hatch is not my cup of tea.
Meet the love of Tony's life: Ruby.

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  1. Chilly wanted me to pass on a message that he couldn't help but notice that, though he was featured in the pillow pet totem pole photo, his name didn't appear in the post even once. He wanted to point out that he is just as fuzzy and cuddly, if not more so, than a pillow pet. Plus, unlike Chilly, pillow pets lack singing talent.

    P.S. Pig is jelly also.