Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wide rules

Last first day of school. Open notebook to find that it is wide- -- as opposed to college- -- ruled. Mergh. Open another blank notebook to find that it, too, is also wide-ruled. Why didn't I check these notebooks before I brought them down to Charlottesville?? Decide to write on loose-leaf paper and transcribe these notes later (and neater) on college-ruled notebook once I find one. Come home from class and rummage through surplus school supplies that I hoard in my room. Find none.

Look through boxes I store under my bed. Find old graded homework assignments that I'd meant to sort and recycle a year ago. Get carried away and reorganize entire room. Begin first-day readings two hours later. What am I eating for dinner?

There must be others out there who discriminate against wide-ruled paper and notebooks. Right? I prefer college-ruled notebooks and paper for school because that allows me to squeeze more information on each page (helpful for reviewing notes). And my handwriting is relatively small. No, that's a lie; it's pretty average, but my handwritten letters only take up 2/3 of the line width. Am I rambling?

I need a nap.

Calculus class with Prof. Johnson (summer 2008)

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