Saturday, May 18, 2013

You know you're friends when ...

My best friend Hallie once said in high school that you know you’re befriended someone when he is comfortable enough to poke fun of you. It’s true.

As a young adult, I knew I’d befriended certain work friends when they invite me to lunch to meet their spouse. When I bake up some yumyums (at their request) and leave it on their desk in Tupperware I never expect to see again, and find the same container sitting neatly on my desk a few days later, freshly washed, before I arrive. When they lend me their prized broadband card to let me finish some work at night – rather than coming in the office at a crazy, early hour – during an especially busy week when my wireless card died.

It's amazing how people -- even those we spend 40 hours a week with but aren't quite real-life friends (yet) -- can surprise us in such small but sentimental ways.

Real-life and work friend Irene and me purposely
dressed in coordinating outfits on Halloween

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