Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People worthy of being blocked from my Gchat list

  1. People who Gchat me to discuss their grievances about “xenophobia” or the “hero-worship complex” at the University. I’ve been a part of and observed the blatant follies of student politics since matriculation, so of course I’ve noticed it. Still, that does not mean I condone or am at all interested in discussing it at length. (This is not desirable via text message either, if you are the guilty person in question).
  2. People who send me pictures of ugly bunnies. (Katie Lee and Irene, you two have good taste in bunnies. This does not apply to you :)).
  3. People who are visible on Gchat for upwards of 18 hours a day, stalking his Gchat list for the moment I come online so he can Gchat me and talk endlessly about topics that I cannot even feign interest in. This hypothesis, once validated, is extremely creepy. Really.
  4. Red bears.

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