Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I do when I'm half asleep

Send emailsA real email exchange in which I requested a copy of the photo that Scott's co-editor, Thomas, had captured.
Jane: Yep, that's the one! Thanks a bunch, Mike :)

(2 hours later)

Jane: ... why did I call you Mike? I, of course, mean Scott. I don't even talk to anyone named Mike regularly.

Unrelated note:
I have a friend Mike who I always mistakenly call Paul. This is because he looks like a Paul and because I had an childhood friend named Paul with the same surname.

Answer the phone:
After faceplanting for a marathon afternoon nap last week following three exams (+ one take-home) during a 26-hour period, I held up my phone to my face and said, "Hello?" After hearing no response, I repeated myself in a slightly more irritated tone, "HELLO?" And then I went back to sleep after realizing I'd mistaken my mobile alarm for my ringtone.

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