Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wrong hyperlink

The most festive way to celebrate Christmas Eve is to peel myself out of bed much too early in the morning and get my biscuit into the office for a day of work, no? I was on my second cup of coffee by 10 a.m., and for some reason felt the need to justify it to the software engineer (one I'd never had a conversation with previously -- never to old to make new pals!) who was waiting for the electronic tea kettle beside me. Oddly, I am probably the most charming version of myself when making small talk with strangers at the coffee machine or microwave.

In any case, I am partial to The Washington Post most days and today clicked on what I thought was a link to an Opinion piece about Edward Snowden but instead was directed to a piece about prostitution. I thought I'd misclicked, but it turned out to be an error with the hyperlink:

Merry Christmas, readers :)

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