Friday, June 22, 2012

Microsoft n00b

Everybody, when thrown into a new environment that primarily uses Internet Explorer, is bound to do something stupid. During my second day of work, I thought it was strange that I hadn’t received an email all day. I wondered, “It’s my second day and people have already forgotten I exist??” But I just shrugged it off and happily continued doing the reading assignments I was given and becoming re-acquainted with Internet Explorer, a Internet browser I haven’t used in years (Chrome, in my opinion, is infinitely superior).

But I was using Microsoft Outlook, which I’d never used before. And Microsoft Outlook does not refresh automatically unless you a) close and then re-open it, b) configure it to update periodically, or b) tell it to. I did not, obviously, know this because I’ve been spoiled with Gmail. So, when a woman I shadow came by to ask whether I received her numerous emails that day, I said no, I hadn’t gotten an email all day.

Once I refreshed my inbox folders, more than a dozen emails from throughout the day poured in. It was 3 p.m.

“Jane is sorry, everyone! She didn’t think she received any emails today, but she’s catching up on them right now!” the woman I shadow vocally announced to the department, trying to inject a little humor into an obviously mortifying moment for me.

So thanks, Microsoft Outlook, for embarrassing me on my second day at work.

Me and Amy in Philadelphia (June 10, 2012)

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