Friday, June 22, 2012

Fainting spell

Conversation via iMessage with my brother, Tony:

Tony: Meow I fainted when I got my blood drawn today :0 They had to take me to emergency room on a wheel chair
Me: What. Elaborate plz. I want full story

: Meow scariest thing in my life. Kk so I go into station room thingy and I sooooOoOoOoOo scared right. Kaiser room.
Me: Uh huh

: And so they about to stick needle in so I was like wait plz then I take out this hamster that Jessica (Jane's note: Jessica is his girlfriend) let me borrow to squeeze. So I look away and I’m squeezing the hamster right, and I feel the needle go in and my blood being drawn. The nurse tried to keep my attention away from it by trying to make conversation with me, so she asked me random questions like what my fav sport is
Me: Mmhm
Tony: And so I was talking and then I just stopped cuz I felt my mind and my vision were being blurred out. And I felt like I needed to throw up. And then I was apparently unresponsive. They tried asking me questions but I was gazing into space, so they say.
Me: Whoa

: Then they call down a security and doctor and other ppl down. This lady gave me apple juice.
Me: Hahahaha where was papa
Tony: They made me lay down and they put ice packs behind my neck, on my forehead, and on my chest. Then I started violently shaking or shivering o.O;;  Then they rolled me into wheelchair and brought me upstairs to emergency room. I was all agdsdshda. Omfg and they poked me with a needle and squeezed it when I was gazing. I FELT THAT
Tony: I wanted to throw my hamster at them but I couldn’t!
Me: So you were still holding hamster after all this time
Tony: Btw I never let go of the hamster during this whole thing. Ya. And so they hooked me up to some beeping machine, and took my temp, blood pressure and stuff, and made me lay down for a bit. I couldn’t move my body without shaking and my breathing was weird o.o So I lay down for some more and we left and went home and dad made me red noodle cuz I still can’t use my left arm that well.
Tony: Meow now I’m laying down in bed about to get up to eat some Milano cookies and surf da interwebz :3
Tony: Dassit meng

The hamster

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