Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tide to Go

Tide to Go has saved me many a time since I first discovered it in college, and I keep one of the markers at my work desk for when granola-bar eating goes awry.

Thursday morning was one of those days when I login to the network and find one of the cheeriest possible welcomes: an impromptu morning meeting invitation with the One Who Can Make Even Grown Men Sweat. Those mornings are when I'm the hungriest. So, I ripped open a granola bar and did some concentrated preparation for the meeting, and maybe chatted with a colleague or two from the other side of the cube walls.

And then I looked down to find some micro chocolate-y bits had fallen and melted onto my skirt.


My Tide to Go pen worked its advertised magic in no time (very impressive considering the chocolate stains), but, of course, took a million years to dry on my khaki-colored skirt that invites attention to every drop of moisture on its surface. I needed to pick up some printouts to mark up for the meeting, but I figured I probably wouldn't run into anyone, or if I did, the stains would be dry by the time I get to the printer. Right? Nope.

Three obvious, Tide to Go (but very questionable-looking) moisture spots were still visible from the middle front of my skirt, but I decided that it wasn't worth the fruitless fanning in the printer corner, and walked back to my desk, printouts in hand. On the return journey, I, of course, run into Man Who Notices Everything. By the time I see MWNE, he's already looking at me sideways (by that I mean his head is literally sideways) -- and not because he's curious about my printouts.

Murphy's Law.

On the upside, the meeting went fine, with minimal sweating and no tummy grumbling.

Me dressed up as a pumpkin, as illustrated by Tony Ma

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