Monday, September 23, 2013

Taking stock

Making: Pie for my coworkers
Drinking: Pumpkin spice lattes no less than three times a week. So what if it’s not quite cold yet? :)
Reading: Bon Appetit magazine for baking ideas
Wanting: Sushi
Looking: Forward to a good week (at least I hope so:)
Playing: Is for weekends
Wasting: Time recouping from a crazy work week
Wishing: Duncan were around to see the remodeled kitchen
Enjoying: My freshly painted toenails
Waiting: For the wedding
Liking: My new umbrella (my last one survived a few good years but inverted for the last time a week ago and broke)
Wondering: Why I didn’t go to yoga this morning.
Loving: The lulling sound of rain outside my bedroom window
Hoping: I’ll have another bunny as charismatic as Dunky one day
Marveling: At my turning 24 soon. Time flies doesn’t it?
Needing: To go to bed soon. Maybe :)
Smelling: A cranberry-scented candle. It stinks!
Wearing: Cozy PJs
Following: Sad Desk Lunches tumblr
Noticing: This is the first weekend in a few weeks I’ve been able to leave my workphone at home without feeling a little guilty
Knowing: I tried
Thinking: How pleased I am by simple, charming emails or messages
Feeling: Relaxed
Bookmarking: Gemma Correll comics and illustrations. 
Opening: A bag of chocolate chips for the aforementioned pie

Giggling: At my brother’s text message

Thuy during our roommate trip to Ocean City

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