Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Work anniversary

Today is my first work anniversary. A year ago today, I joined the ranks of D.C.-area yuppies, and I could not have foreseen how far I’ve come nor how wonderful the next year will be. Despite the occasional trying day that would induce me to drink to oblivion if I had any desire to indulge, I know I made the right decision by joining this team.

I’m grateful for the experiences this position has given rise to. Like all major life events in my life, this one has taught me how far I can push and surprise myself –professionally and socially – despite my own doubts. What a coincidence that the other comparably gratifying experience of my life (the paper) has led me to something that fulfills the same sense of purpose that I’d long forgotten.

Moreover, I’m grateful to be working 40 hours a week among a group of people whose company I genuinely enjoy. It took me several months to feel comfortable enough to be my complete self – sarcasm and all – but now I feel like I belong. And that’s saying something from someone who’s struggled with shyness since childhood.

Although I wasn’t sure whether the job or the company would suit me at the very beginning, I’m happy, truly, with where I’ve ended up. Some say I would be happy anywhere, but I think being in the right company inevitably will bring out the best in anybody. This place certainly has and does.
My whiteboard on my first day of work

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