Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do I say something?

I try not to offer my unsolicited opinion when people watching. While doing so at Lens Crafters, I watched an early-thirties woman try on the most horrendous pair of circular (think Ozzy Osbourne round), tortoise-shell sunglasses (no, not the kind Liz Lemon would wear). OK, maybe she’s trying on ridiculous glasses for fun. But then she flagged down a sales associate to ask whether the sunglasses could be made into clear, prescription lenses. OH NO, LADY. Do I say something? I didn’t. I clammed up! But I secretly hoped the place would say the sunglasses could not be made with clear prescription lenses. Unfortunately, they do. Maybe somebody she knows will dissuade her when she publicly wears the frames in their company for the first time? There’s a 90-day return policy. I hope she knows that.

Another day while waiting in line at Ann Taylor, I tapped the shoulder of the woman ahead of me and told her her shirt was inside-out. It turns out she was in the fitting room and mistakenly put on her shirt wrong-side-out, but was thankful that I pointed that out so she could properly invert her shirt before leaving the store. See? I did one good deed without feeling intrusive.

Here’s the difference: Glasses are much more personal and more stylistically subjective. But they are a hefty investment, so you might as well opt for a pair that can make the most of the situation. And always bring a friend for an honest second opinion.

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