Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amy's corner

A collection of Amy's most notable Gchats from the past few days:

Amy: The Aflac guy is here again. I told him that I was no longer interested in the dental plan, but when he reached into his briefcase, I noticed that he brought ducks today D; . That may have swayed my decision, Mr. Business man.

On a hypothetical relationship situation:

me:  On the Kane Show this morning, they talked about whether co-habitating but unmarried couples ought to tell each other about large purchases, from splurging on a luxurious pillow, to a motorcycle, to spending $200 at Lush. What are your thoughts?
Amy: I need to know if my guy is spending $200 at Lush bc it would tell me that he's an idiot and I need to move out

On the higher cube walls in her new office:

Amy: Man, with my cube walls this high, I don't even bother covering my mouth when I yawn anymore. I'm an animal.
Amy:  Picture a lion's yawn.

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