Sunday, February 26, 2012

Overrated Cville eateries

Charlottesville boasts a large number of restaurants per capita and is a great foodie town, but there are a handful of places that just don't live up to all the hype and "must-do" lists out there. That is not to say the eateries listen below are terrible, but rather that there are better places to satisfy a food craving. Here are a sampling of a few that come to mind:

Lemongrass. Many of Lemongrass’s dishes reek of fish sauce rather than the many dimensions of authentic Thai food that blends sweet, spice and savory notes. There are many superior Thai places to eat in Charlottesville (e.g., Lime Leaf), but they, unfortunately, are not nearly as close as this Corner restaurant.

The Flat. Well, the strawberry and Nutella crepe is divine, but anything can be magical if there’s Nutella in the mix. But really, both the savory and sweet crepes are missing something, namely a lick of salt and some sugar, respectively.

Take-It-Away. I don’t visit any sandwich shop that doesn’t serve lettuce with their sammies. And I’m not a fan of the house dressing. Sorry, but I’d rather have something from Little John’s.

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