Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bageladies Cafe

Me going to the farmers’ market for the grand opening is comparable to going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. And the Charlottesville farmers’ market is one of the few things for which I’m willing to wake up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. So, when it returned on the first weekend in April, I went ALL out. Here begins a series of all the farmers’ market stands I missed during the past five months.

The Bageladies sandwiches are priced at an extortionate $6 a sammy and usually contain some combination of eggs, cheese, vegetable. But if I’m paying $6 for a bagel sandwich, it better have bacon in it. In this case however, I have to settle for Canadian bacon.

The sandwiches are hit or miss, and the availability of various combinations changes throughout the day and depends on what the sandwich maker has on the griddle. So if what’s available and wrapped up doesn’t float your boat, go wander around elsewhere and come back. Obviously, many of the vegetables in the sandwiches depend on what’s in season. For example, I’ve recently had a few sandwiches with green beans, which, to be honest, is not very pleasant. Sure, the three strands of green beans were crisp, but are a little undercooked for my liking. And I just don’t like the texture of green beans in a sandwich (much like how I dislike the texture of cucumbers in salads). Yes, I don’t like green beans, but for $6, customers deserve more than three strands of beans. Spinach is a tastier option if it’s available.

OK, so the above description probably doesn’t do it justice. Why do I like these bagel sandwiches so much? Because I like breakfast foods, and breakfast sandwiches are one of my favorite things. What distinguishes these sandwiches is that the bagels are griddle-fried with the cut side out, which lends itself to warm, crispy goodness. (I eat for texture.)

Below are some pictures of the bagel stand. Yea, $6 for a bagel sandwich is a little steep for a student budget, but try it once -- you don’t have to eat it every day.

The Bageladies Cafe stand

More pictures after the jump! --->
The griddle master at work. Note that the bagels are heated cut-side out

Here are the prices if you want to buy plain bagels

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